Line-X Applications

LINE-X has a reputation for durability and long-lasting protection that goes far beyond the bedliner.

Here’s a short list of potential applications using exclusively formulated LINE-X coatings.

Vehicle Aftermarket

Floorboards, van interiors, wheel well undercoatings, cargo areas, rocker panels, hood protectors, roll cages, bumpers, winch mounts.


Boats, livestock, personal watercraft, ATVs, motorcycles, work trailers.

RVs/Motorhomes/Tow Trucks

RV roofs (insulation & water protection), nose masks on trailers and motorhomes, interior floors of “toy house” type trailers, etc.

Marine/Naval Applications

Boat hulls and decks, marine ramps, cargo holds, sea water and list-control tanks.

Sound Systems

Speaker boxes, concert equipment, sound studios, amplifiers and PA systems.


Playground, park and golf course equipment, pond linings, dog runs, kennels.

Industrial & Agricultural

Secondary containment, water tanks, floors; Farm machinery, silos, feed containers, storage tanks, fertilizer handling equipment; Walk-in freezers and refrigerators, work tables, wet stations, floors and walls.

Mining/Petroleum Industry

Pipelines, platforms, storage areas, dump trucks.

Construction & MANUFACTURING

Decks, foundations, retaining walls, floors, roofs; Tanks, pumps, mixers, walkways, gratings, vents, ladders, floors and walls.